Free Chinese Lesson - Tang Poem: Climbing the Orchid Mountain in the Autumn

《秋登蘭山寄張五》 作者:孟浩然

北山白雲裡, 隱者自怡悅;
相望始登高, 心隨雁飛滅。
愁因薄暮起, 興是清秋發。
時見歸村人, 沙行渡頭歇。
天邊樹若薺, 江畔洲如月。
何當載酒來, 共醉重陽節。

Meng Hao Ran's "Climbing the Orchid Mountain in the Autumn"

On a northern peak among white clouds,
You have found your hermitage of peace;
And now, as I climb this mountain to see you,
High with the wild geese flies my heart.
The quiet dusk might seem a little sad
If this autumn weather were not so brisk and clear;
I look down at the river bank, with homeward-bound villagers
Resting on the sand till the ferry returns;
There are trees at the horizon like a row of grasses
And against the river's rim an island like the moon.
I hope that you will come and meet me, bringing a basket of wine,
Together we'll celebrate the Mountain Holiday.