Free Chinese Lesson - Chinese Reading: The Wolf and the Lamb




  狼气冲冲地说:“我听说,去年你经常在背地里骂我,是不是?” 可怜的小羊喊道:“啊,这是不可能的,去年我还没出生呢!”



The Wolf and the Lamb

 A wolf came to a brook and saw a lamb drinking the water there. The wolf wants to eat the lamb, so he deliberately looked for an argument, saying: "You made water that I drink dirty! What bad intentions do you have against me?"

The lamb was surprised and gently replied: "Dear Mr. Wolf, how could I get your drinking water dirty? You are upstream, I am downstream, the water does not flow backwards!"
< br> The wolf angrily yelled: "I was told that last year you often cursed at me behind my back, is not true? " The poor lamb decried:" Ah, that is not possible, I was not even born last year! "

The wolf did not want to argue further but shouted loudly: "You little villain! If you didn't curse at me then it was your father who did, it's all the same!" As he spoke, the wolf pounced at the lamb.

The lamb hurriedly ran away, afterwards he ran home and asked his father: "Last year did you curse at Mr. Wolf behind his back?" The lamb's father said: "How could that be, when I saw him, he wanted to eat me, so I did not dare to curse at him." The lamb finally understood, his father did not offend the wolf, but the wolf was just looking for an excuse to eat them.

  láng  / wolf /

  yáng  / sheep / (surname) /

  qī  / creek /

qī  / creek /

脏 /   zāng  / dirty / filthy /

zàng  / viscera /

  dǎo  / to fall / to collapse / to topple / to change / to fail / bankrupt /

dào  / upset / turn over / to tip / to pour / to go home / to the contrary / inverted /

骂 /   mà  / scold / abuse /

  hǎn  / call / cry / to shout /

辩 /   biàn  / dispute / debate / argue / discuss /

  pū  / to rush at / to throw oneself on /

pū  / rush on /

  sā  / let go /

sǎ  / to scatter /

  gǎn  / dare /

  tuǐ  / leg /

  zuì  / guilt / crime / fault / blame / sin /

  jiè  / to lend / to borrow / excuse / pretext / by means of /

  diào  / to drop / to fall /