Free Chinese Lesson - Chinese Reading: Ode to the Lotus



The flowers growing in water, land, grasses and trees, there are many lovely ones. Jin Dynasty's Tao Yuan Ming loved the chrysanthemum only; since the Tang Dynasty, people are so fond of the peony; I only love the lotus because it grows out of the mud but is never contaminated, it rises out of the water without seeming too fragile, its stem is hollow but the outside is straight, it has no creeping branches, its fragrance is far-reaching and pure, it is graceful and calm, it can be appreciated from afar but cannot be touched blasphemously.

I call the chrysanthemum the hermit of all flowers; the peony is the wealthy noble of all flowers; and the lotus is the gentleman of all flowers. Sigh! The love of the chrysanthemum, after Tao it became very rare; the love of the lotus, who could feel the same way as I do? The love of the peony, it is acknowledged by almost everyone!

莲 /   lián  / lotus /

爱 /   ài  / to love / affection / to be fond of / to like /

  táo  / (surname) / pleased / pottery /

晋 /   jìn  / name of a dynasty /

渊 /   yuān  / abyss /

  jú  / chrysanthemum /

  táng  / Tang dynasty (618-907) /

  mǔ  / male /

  yū  / silt /

  jūn  / monarch / lord / gentleman / ruler /