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How the Saw Was Invented

According to Chinese legend, the woodcutter's saw was invented by a man named Lu Ban.

A long time ago, Lu Ban wanted to build a palace and needed a lot of wood. He asked his followers to go up to the mountain to cut trees. At that time, there was no saw, so they cut the trees using axes. They were only able to cut a few trees in a single day. Lu Ban was very anxious and went up to the mountain himself to take a look.

The mountain was very steep, so Lu Ban grab onto the grasses and weeds in order to climb up step by step. His fingers were suddenly cut through by a grass, causing it to bleed.

How can a grass be so powerful? Lu Ban took a closer look and found that on the edge of the grass, there were many small teeth. He ran his finger against the edge and immediately there was a cut on the finger. This inspired Lu Ban and he thought: If I were to create a similar tool using iron and pull back and forth against the tree, would it be able to cut the tree much faster than an ax?

He immediately went back create such a tool, went up the mountains to give it a try, and it was really fast and effortless. Thus Lu Ban had invented the saw.

锯 /   jū  / to mend (china) with staples /

jù  / a saw / to saw /

鲁 /   lǔ  / crass / place name /

传说 / 傳說   chuán shuō  / it is said / they say / legend / tradition / legend / tradition /

宫殿 / 宮殿   gōng diàn  / palace /

  liào  / material / stuff / grain / feed / to expect / to anticipate / to guess /

斧子   fǔ zi  / axe / hatchet /

齿 /   chǐ  / tooth /

发明 / 發明   fā míng  / to invent / invention /