Free Chinese Lesson - Chinese Reading Lesson: It's Raining






It's Raining

On Sunday afternoon, I sat in front of the window doing homework. Suddenly the sky darkened, a strong wind started blowing, it was going to rain. I quickly closed the window, the room suddenly felt particularly hot.

For a while, large raindrops fell, hitting the glass window with "plop plop" sounds. I looked out through the glass window, between heaven and earth there seemed to be a wide, beaded curtain. The rain fell on the tiles of the neighboring roof, splashing the pools of water, like a layer of thin smoke enveloping the roof. The rain fell down the eaves and began to break down into beads and gradually they formed a thread. More and more water gathered on the ground, merging into a stream.

It was really a timely rain! The cornfield must have been gulping the water, drinking happily. I seemed to feel as if the rain ran into the ground, into the orchards and into people's hearts.

The clouds scattered, the rain stopped and the sun illuminated the earth. I pushed the window open, the fragrance of the earth wafted in the air, like it had gone through a filter, very clean and fresh. Outside the window, the poplar and the willow had been washed by the rain, with leaves spread wide open, they looked green and shiny and very beautiful.

  yǔ  / rain /

  cū  / coarse / rough / thick / unfinished / vulgar / rude / crude /

  kuáng  / conceited / mad /

  lí  / colored glaze / glass /

  wū  / house / room /

  zhū  / bead / pearl /

  fāng  / fragrant /

  bō  / glass /

窝 /   wō  / nest /

滤 /   lǜ  / to strain / to filter /

  fó  / Buddha / Buddhism /

fú  / seemingly /

  qī  / creek /

qī  / creek /

  zhǎn  / to use / to spread out / to postpone / to unfold /

  lǐu  / willow / Liu (a surname) /

笼 /   lóng  / basket / cage /