Free Chinese Lesson - Chinese Proverb: There is No Silver Buried Here





There is no silver buried in the ground
Meaning: To want to conceal something, but ended up with the secret being exposed.

During ancient times, there was a man named Zhang San, through his hard work and efforts, he managed to accumulate three hundred and twenty silver bars, and was very happy. But he was always afraid of others stealing from him, so he found a crate, sealed the three hundred and twenty silver in it, and then buried it in the ground behind his house.

But he was not at ease, fearing that others would come to dig up the silver, so he thought of a "clever" idea: he wrote on a piece of paper: "There is no silver buried here in the ground", posted it on the wall and feeling reassured, he left.

Little does he know, everything that he did was seen by his neighbor next door, Wang'Er. In the middle of the night, Wang'Er stole all of the three hundred and twenty silver. In order to not let Zhang San know, he wrote on a piece of paper: "Next door's Wang'Er did not steal" and posted on the wall. Zhang San got up the next morning, went behind the house to check the money, but the silver was gone. He saw the note and suddenly understood.