At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, warlords possessed many parts of the land. Sun Ce was only 17 years old, but young and promising. He followed in his father’s footsteps and his power began to grow.

In AD 199, Sun Ce wanted to advance further and managed to occupy Lu Jiang county in Jiangbei. Liu Xun was the ambitious and powerful warlord of Lu Jiang county and so in order to neutralize him Sun Ce organized a coup. Sun Ce knew that Liu Xun was extremely greedy and so sent him a precious gift with a letter praising his achievements and asking for him to kindly surrender Jiangxi. After receiving the gift and reading the letter Liu Xun decided to banish Sun Ce from his kingdom once and for all and ordered his army to attack. On seeing the soldiers readying for attack Sun Ce reportedly said “The tiger has come out, and we will now occupy Lu Jiang.”

And Lo and behold they did. Now this phrase "调虎离山" (Luring the tiger out of the mountains) is used to mean luring or manipulating others into a position of weakness which can then be exploited.